Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

Black is back.


Lookin sharp Andy! 

Photo by Ryan Siverson


Brandon Flowers playing with his hands (◕‿◕✿)  [x]

Black Sails: IV.


The wildlings seemed to think Ygritte a great beauty because of her hair; red hair was rare among the free folk, and those who had it were said to be kissed by fire, which was supposed to be lucky.

Ygritte appreciation week » Day 7: Whatever you want !


Jayma Mays


  1. Go to Google Images.
  2. Type in “[Your name] the hedgehog”.
  3. Suffer


"this reminded me of you" is the cutest thing. like i dont care if its a song or a photo or a youtube video i will be excited

"I know you, better than your father, better than Scott. Maybe better than anyone. You don’t give a shit about money or respect, or the things you’ve built here. I think you’re just tired of fathers telling you what to do. And so I’m offering you a life free from them. With me in that fort, you do as you like; as long as it doesn’t cross me, you’ll hear no complaints."

You know I have no choice but to say yes, but before I do, know this: you’ll sit in that fort for a while. You’ll get comfortable."

"God, I missed that look."


Oh my god yes let me be in your harem I want to be your concubine Jesus Christ uuuuuuuuh

"I have never been more alone. I have nothing, no one! It’s all gone.”


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